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Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Feild Transportation

Founded on hands on oil field experience, our mission is to provide professional and reliable frac sand hauling and oil field transportation services. Regardless of your oil field logistics and transportation needs, we promise to deliver professional service and help you maximize your profits.

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We are currently looking for experienced drivers to join our team for owner operator and company truck driver jobs for frac sand hauling and oil field transportation service. Qualified drivers - apply for our oil field driving jobs online today.

Our Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Field Transportation Services

Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Field Logistics Services

Performance Transport is a trucking company specializing in frac sand hauling and other oil field transportation services. Our company is based on fortune 500 level dedication and real world, hands on oil field experience. Whether you need frac sand transportation, oil field logistics, or frac sand sales, we are ready to help. Call us today for all of your Bakken oil field transportation needs.

Why Specialize in Frac Sand Hauling?

Anyone familiar with the Bakken oil industry knows how important frac sand is to the drilling operation. Cross-contamination and contaminated bins are two common problems faced. If 2 sands are mixed its cross-contamination. If the wrong sand is put in the wrong bin it becomes a contaminated bin. This will stop all operations immediately leading to tens of thousands of dollars in losses. Performance Transport chose to specialize in frac sand hauling and transportation because we saw firsthand what poor frac sand logistics operations can do.

Our specialization allows us to work very closely with the same suppliers and shipping lines. This increases our familiarity with the most efficient means of doing business, and also ensures that we provide our clients with the best logistics operations and materials available.

Typically, our frac sand hauling operations take us from rail facilities to storage or from transloading facilities to live frac sites. It is here that our company’s history of on hands oil field operations comes into play. Without hands on experience, drivers may be blind to some of the hazards and regulations required for frac sites. We pride ourselves on experience. Additionally, we perform extensive background and reference checks on all our drivers to ensure that our high standards for frac sand hauling and logistics operations are met for each and every client on each and every delivery.

Frac Sand Hauling and Frac Sand Sales

Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Field Transportation Services

Not only do we transport raw materials for our clients but we can sell and furnish frac sand as well. This is where the corporate culture of our business comes in. We are dedicated to addressing our clients’ needs before they ever become problems.

We sell both natural, fine quartz sand, and manufactured ceramic sand. These products are carefully screened by experienced teams for consistency of hardness and roundness so as to not slow down your drilling operations. All of our services are available in bulk sales and in drill site specific volumes and we are ready to meet whatever needs you may have.

Oil Field Logistics Services Beyond Frac Sand Hauling

In addition to frac sand hauling and transportation, Performance Transport also provides crude oil transportation, flatbed services, and can provide chemical logistics as needed for each of our clients. Therefore, we can handle all the services our clients require based on our own experience in the oil fields.

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If you are looking for a company that combines corporate professionalism with real world oil field experience, call Performance Transport about our transportation logistics services today. We provide extensive service for all Bakken oil field operation needs and look forward to showing you the difference that hands on experience makes when it comes to trucking for the booming Bakken oil industry. Performance Transport will go above and beyond your needs and expectations for all oil and frac sand hauling services.

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