NOTICE: As of 10/15/17, We Have NO Trailers Available for Rental - Trailers are Only Available to Company Drivers

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Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Feild Transportation

Founded on hands on oil field experience, our mission is to provide professional and reliable frac sand hauling and oil field transportation services. Regardless of your oil field logistics and transportation needs, we promise to deliver professional service and help you maximize your profits.

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We are currently looking for experienced drivers to join our team for owner operator and company truck driver jobs for frac sand hauling and oil field transportation service. Qualified drivers - apply for our oil field driving jobs online today.

Trailer Leasing for Hopper Bottom Trailers

NOTICE: As of 10/15/17, We Have NO Trailers Available for Rental - Trailers are Only Available to Company Drivers

Hopper Bottom Trailer Leasing

In addition to our extensive oil field transportation services, Performance Transport also provides trailer leasing for hopper bottom trailers, pneumatic trailers, belly dump trailers, and water trailers. With a company built on hands on oil field experience, we know how complicated it can be to find trailer leasing services that meet the needs of drilling operations, so we seek to remove the barriers to help our clients get the equipment and service they need. To learn more or for any of your frac sand, Bakken Oil, or transportation logistics needs, call or contact us today online.

Hopper Bottom Trailers and Trailer Leasing for the Oil Industry

While our bread and butter is frac sand hauling, we are committed to providing all of the services that our clients need for their drilling sites. We typically transport frac sand to and from rail facilities or from bulk storage to live frac sites. However, in many cases drilling sites are too remote for large storage facilities to be nearby and other storage options must be made available for frac sand and other job materials. In these cases, Performance Transport provides superior trailer leasing options including hopper bottom trailers. This allows our clients to take full control of their logistics when needed.

This dedication to providing our clients options when it comes to hopper bottom trailer leasing originates in our experience in the field. Performance Transport was built from the ground up by professionals who know the oil business - because they worked in it. We understand the needs of a drilling site better than any other transportation company or trailer leasing company out there, which is why we can lease pneumatic trailers, belly dump trailers, hopper bottom trailers, and water trailers to our clients based on their needs.

Also, because our owners have extensive corporate experience, we understand the ins and outs of profit margins and bottom lines. We will never try to sell you on oil field services you do not need or talk you into a trailer leasing contract that is beyond your requirements. We understand that hopper bottom trailers and other equipment has a specific use on the drill site. There may be times when you need more equipment and times when your demand is lower, we understand this and are flexible with our trailer leasing terms. Additionally, you can rely on our experience in the oil field to help you make the right decisions about the equipment you need to make your drilling site run smoothly and cost effectively.

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 Oil Field & Hopper Bottom Trailer Leasing

If you are looking for an oil field logistics company offering the precision and expertise needed to help you handle all of your transportation needs, contact Performance Transport today. Our experience in the Bakken oil fields has led us to be a premier provider of hopper bottom trailers and other trailer leasing options. To learn more about our trailer leasing terms and our complete oil field logistics services, contact us online or by phone today.

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