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Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Feild Transportation

Founded on hands on oil field experience, our mission is to provide professional and reliable frac sand hauling and oil field transportation services. Regardless of your oil field logistics and transportation needs, we promise to deliver professional service and help you maximize your profits.

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We are currently looking for experienced drivers to join our team for owner operator and company truck driver jobs for frac sand hauling and oil field transportation service. Qualified drivers - apply for our oil field driving jobs online today.

Frac Sand Hauling in Montana

Montana Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Field Transportation Services

The Bakken oil boom has brought significant changes to the economy of Montana, and Performance Transport is an oil field transportation company that is dedicated to growing jobs and opportunities in the region. We specialize in frac sand hauling throughout the state of Montana and we are proud of our history as a transportation company built from oil field experience. Call us today if to learn more about our frac sand hauling services or other oil field transportation logistics services.

A Full Service Frac Sand Hauling Company Serving Montana

Performance Transport is founded on two larger principles. The first is our hands on experience in active oil fields. Our company founder has experience engineering chemical programs in the oil field and on frac sites. Additionally, all of our company leaders have oil field experience, and we require that everyone who is hired for a frac sand hauling job with us has experience too. The second principle is a dedication to performance, efficiency, and service that comes from our owner who used to work from some of the country’s most profitable corporations. These principles are what we follow to help shape our business and the economy of Montana.

In addition to frac sand hauling in Montana, we also provide services beyond frac sand transportation so that all of Montana’s wells can produce at their peak.

Trailer Leasing

Frac Sand Hauling & Oil Field Logistics in Montana

We know that the rugged Montana terrain is not always the kindest to our frac sand hauling scheduled. Because of that, we can lease equipment to our clients in remote areas so they can have total control of their resources and time lines. We are able to provide hopper bottom trailers pneumatic trailers, belly dump trailers, and water trailers for all types of oil field transportation services.

Flatbed Service

No other oil field logistics company has as much experience transporting your drilling equipment as we do. We require that our drivers have extensive experience, preferably in oil field transportation so that each of our drivers can provide world-class frac sand hauling service. When you trust Performance Transport to move your machinery, you can rest easy knowing that we can handle it, and know exactly how to maneuver it around a frac site.

Chemical Logistics for Montana

It takes many different resources to keep a frac well running efficiently, which is why we offer services for most industry standard chemicals. Our extensive frac sand hauling operations means we have all necessary federal and interstate permits to get the resources and raw materials where you need them, when you need them.

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Performance Transport is the most well rounded oil field logistics company serving Montana. Whether you need frac sand hauling or a long-term lease on water trailers, we have the resources you need and the experience you deserve. When you contact us today for all of your Bakken oil field transportation and logistics service needs, you will be working with a team of hardworking individuals with the added comfort of knowing our corporate experience is looking out for your bottom line.

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